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Vulnerability Management Portal System

Omni-VM is an integrated vulnerability management system that can monitor the level of management and reflect the process of technical vulnerability(OS, DBMS, Network, WEB/WAS, Application, Source Code) management by linking with various vulnerabilities check tool, payment system, and personnel system


  • Integrated
    • Centralization of OS/ DB/ Network/ WEB/ WAS vulnerability management through SecuMS
    • Support for working with other vulnerability scanners, such as web vulnerability scanners and source code vulnerability scanners
    • Scalability due to linkage function and common module
    • Provide automated vulnerability checking and a single interface
  • Vulnerability
    • Provides processes for Life Cycle tasks from vulnerability discovery to exception actions
    • Support the Life Cycle Management System for various inspection policies (registration, classification, selection, deletion)
    • Provide a process for processing inspection and exception applications (check, exception request, approval, rejection, review completed)
    • Support for action/execution and inspection completion system
  • Exceptional
    • Provide exception handling by setting specific reasons and duration for vulnerabilities for business or service availability
    • Provide a list of set exceptions
    • Provides a list of exceptions that have been excluded over the exception period
  • Report
    • Provide statistics on each major situation
    • Provides automatic registration and history management support for inspection results (vulnerabilities)
    • Provides inquiry history of each inspection history and exception history
    • Vulnerability scanner provides different report forms in uniform Form

Special Advantages

  • Centralization of management

    • In addition to INFRA (OS, Network, DBMS, WEB / WAS) area managed by SecuMS, it supports central management through interoperability with Source Code Vulnerability Scanner and Web Application Vulnerability Scanner.
    • Provide a unified interface
  • Process

    • Supports systemization of management processes from vulnerability check request~action~review
    • Unified management process
    • Approval notification by a process, such as action/exception
    • Provides integration and evidence data for scattered vulnerability management tasks
  • Extensibility of

    • Support for connection with existing Approval system, mail system, etc
    • Scalability to work with other vulnerability scanners


Expected Effect

  • Integrated management system

    • Establish a standardized integrated management system through a single console
  • Reduce management

    • 30-40% savings in solution diagnostics versus manual diagnostics
  • Reduce management cost

    • Reduce management staff to avoid account-related delays
  • Process

    • Link with the existing business processes through the process of inspection work.