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Omniguard USAM


Omniguard USAM Security Asset Monitor

USAM is a security asset management solution that checks the status of important security assets and monitors for signs of security incidents.

Key Features

  • File Forgery Monitoring
    • Periodically monitors file forgery
      • Implements policies for important files in the system
      • Provides file backups and hash values
      • Compares information before and after forgery
    • Periodically monitors Windows registry value forgery
      • Periodic monitoring
  • System Log File Monitoring
    • Monitors log files on Linux system
      • Detects security threat events for log files
      • Detects threats in real time
      • Minimizes load on the system
  • Network Status Monitoring
    • Monitors the health of network services on the server
    • Monitors changes in main services
  • Security Asset Monitoring
    • Server environment information
    • Service information on network installed on server
    • Information on software installed on server
    • Status information on the usage of server resources
    • Information on changes to security assets