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Omniguard UCC

Rights management and
audit trace

Omniguard UCC is a user rights management and audit trail solution for Unix / Linux / Windows systems to ensure accountability of information systems.


  • Session /
    user log
    • Log session screen and save in a playable format
    • Program information and usage time information logging
    • Keystroke input/ output logging by user session
    • Provide user connection session status
  • Command
    • Provides command control function for various service environments
    • Provides various input command blocking method when violation instruction is inputted
    • Command control policy setting by user group
  • Access control
    • Provides security policy-based ability to delegate specific rights to users when logging in
    • Directory access control, allowing only designated directories to be accessed
    • Permission delegation/directory access control policy settings by user group
    • Access control by period, day, and time
  • Report
    • Trace dangerous command usage
    • Replay function for all open/ closed sessions
    • Connection session inquiry function
    • Command unit usage inquiry function
    • Various condition search function in log search

Special Advantages

  • User aspect
    • Need to store raw data for server history logging and post-audit/tracing
    • Need real-time monitoring of remote and local user inappropriate behavior
  • Manager aspect
    • Need to secure accountability in terms of security through sharing of server admin accounts
    • Audit tracking of work by subcontractor/partner employees, such as Vendor SE and OP
  • Enterprise aspect
    • Need to reduce risk (authority control) that can have a significant impact on unexpected accidents and business continuity


Expected Effect

  • Strengthen IT
    Responsibility Tracking

    • Record input/output of command execution
    • Centralized session log management
    • GUI/TEXT-based action report
    • Play user activity history
    • Established enterprise audit trail system
  • Information
    system transparency

    • Satisfied with the security management regulations of public servers
    • Secure accountability for operational outsourcing
    • Increase work credibility through auditing user sessions
  • Effect of security synergy

    • Preventing leakage of internal information through publicity
    • Strengthen security awareness of internal and external employees
    • Able to collaborate with other security products