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Vulnerability Assessmenet and Management Solution

It is a system that automatically checks system security vulnerabilities, provides solutions for detected problems to ensure security level monitoring, and monitors security level at all times through collective identification of vulnerability status by whole and server


  • Vulnerability
    • Satisfies national/international compliance standards
    • Provide manual inspection for automatic checking of regular vulnerabilities and urgent vulnerability
    • Portable inspection(offline inspection) enables immediate confirmation of result on the target system and registration management to manager
    • Support user’s custom script
  • Vulnerability
    • 취약점 관리 프로세스 제공
    • Managing the measures taken for the vulnerability list and processing the results
    • Approval and review by the upper level manages after taking measure
    • Retrieval of current vulnerability status
  • Exception
    • Exception handling for the vulnerable points with certain reasons for a certain period due to the ongoing works or for the purposes of service availability
    • The list of overdue exceptions is provided
    • the list of exceptions set for exception management is provided
  • Report
    • Detailed report on levels and vulnerable points of the inspected system
    • A Daily report containing the status and details of whole subjects to inspect
    • Report on the change trends of vulnerabilities and static data during a certain period
    • Ability to generate reports on the target system during portable (offline) inspection

Special Advantages

  • Customer
    • Improvement of work productivity of security personnel
    • Clear work definition of system operators and security personnel by establishing the process of inspection and taking measures
    • Enhancement of technical skills by information sharing
    • Provide users the right UI through Web
  • Management
    • Establishment of security vulnerability inspection process according to the characteristics of the organization
    • Around-the-clock monitoring of security vulnerability
    • Integrated management of various kinds of systems
  • Function
    • Thanks to the low-loaded operation, the existing business system does not get influenced
    • Establish management system linked with the business system(Mail, SNS, payment)
    • History management based on the accumulated data of taking measures
  • Consulting

    Checklist reflect for a variety of
    industries regulations
    (Financial, Public, and Institution, etc)

  • Process

    Interlocking with business work
    ex) Approval/
    Mail system RSM·ESM etc.

  • Safety

    No load on the existing
    business work

  • Different

    Multiple Scheduling Exception
    Period Setting Detailed Action Guide


Expected Effect

  • Automatic

    • Implementation of 1-day diagnosis automation system
  • Process

    • Improve collective process through action history management and notification of results in security diagnosis
  • Strengthen

    • Responding to security audit and strengthening corporate competitiveness
  • Safe Security

    • IT security index enables stable security management