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Integrated Account Management and
Access Control Solution

Omni-IM is an integrated account management and access control system that centrally manages accounts for heterogeneous OS and DBMS usage through Omniguard solutions (UPV, UAC, UCC) and account management and access control manage the lifecycle of account creation, change, and deletion.


  • Approval system
    • Workflow management to create, modify, and delete an account through an approval system
  • Integrated
    Account Management
    • Search and status check through account collection and integration management
    • Automatic account check (Ghost account detection)
    • Change your account and view management account information
    • Various account status actions and alarms, such as personnel change/ unregistration/termination change
  • Security features
    • User-based security policy enforcement
    • Provides user-based security policy settings
    • Provides various security function options
  • Report
    • Provides statistics and dashboard for account status and workflow status
    • Differentiate provided information that meets user rights and scope of management
    • Provides various report generation and download functions
    • Detect account status and send automatic emails to you, your contact, and your department manager

Special Advantages

  • Technical Aspects
    • No change to existing account usage
    • Lower risk of account identification when applied
    • Provide detailed changes and history of the account
    • Reduced duplication of account registration
  • Management Aspects
    • Easy to configure and maintain products
    • focus on account creation and authorization
    • Establishing a one-person account system without inter-manager accounts
    • For installation and uninstallation on existing systems
    • Offer purchase options per security function
  • User aspect
    • Security without exceptions for all accounts
    • Security features reduce speed impact due to failures or bottlenecks by agent


Expected Effect

  • Manage Security

    Improve account management and level

  • Reduce Management Work

    Automated management of account-related systems

  • Reduce Management

    Reduce administrative staff to avoid account-related delays

  • Legal Regulatory Response

    Apply account management system by legal regulations