Develop new products and new technologies through research on future core technologies and build a technical basis for expanding new businesses

R&D Vision

  • Create Future Value

    Create future value of LSware through Research and Development Innovation

  • Discover New Growth Engines

    New growth engine that enables the continued growth of LSWare and the advancement of new business

  • Strengthen Technology Competitiveness

    Strengthen Technology Competitiveness through research and development

The direction of R&D promotion

  • Customer First

    Conduct project planning and research that reflects the commercialization requirements of external customers (government, corporations) and internal customers (business units)

  • Communication & Cooperation

    Create synergies and improve organizational efficiency through mutual cooperation in research / implementation with internal business units

  • Creativity Center

    Create a research atmosphere that pursues challenges and autonomy in new fields and knowledge

  • Global Orientation

    Benchmarking international standards and technology trends to promote technology development in the global environment

R&D Performance and Collaboration Systems

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