About LSware

We will also lead the information security industry based on our broad range of technology and the trust of our customers.

LSware Overview

Based on the corporate vision that “we exist to provide a system that our clients can use in a less restrained environment,” we design and provide solutions in four major areas: Compliance, Availability, Protection, and Security (CAPS). We strive to meet customer needs and increase customer satisfaction in terms of the development and supply of various systems, as well as the implementation and operation of different systems.

In addition, we have been able to successfully manufacture effective and reliable Omniguard products in Korea, including SecuMS (24x7 vulnerability assessment system) and UPV (system account management), UAC (access control), and UCC (session logging & command control) modules, based on years of expertise and experience, thereby contributing to the safe protection of the valuable information assets of our customers in and outside of the country. We have also partnered with globally renowned information protection vendors and partners both home and abroad, including Symantec, the global number one information protection company, to provide proven information protection solutions and technical support.

We have developed and are currently supplying FOSSERA, a solution designed to liberate our clients from license disputes by verifying the license information of open source software in advance. We are also expanding our business to industrial drones, which is an area full of potential in many industries.

In addition, we are developing multichannel technologies to increase blockchain performance through our omni-blockchain center, as well as different platform technologies for the authentication and transaction of various contents including webtoons, modern paintings, and music. On top of this, we operate a blockchain business support team as part of our internal/external cooperation channel in order to commercialize the technologies we develop. There is also an EYES protocol blockchain business that is currently in progress.

Furthermore, by engaging in various government R&D projects, we are striving to not only protect information but also to lead the overall technological trend in the IT industry. We are truly committed to giving added convenience and efficiency to our clients as well as to becoming a pioneer in the field of information protection solutions.

We are LSware Inc.,
always welcoming
challenges and never
afraid of change.

Company LSware INC.
C.E.O. Kim Minsoo
Established 2005.03.21
Main Business Development of computer security solutions & software
Address Unit 1801, Daesung D-POLIS Building A, 606 Seobusaet-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
Tel +82-2-6919-0321
Fax +82-2-6219-0329


Vision 2025

2025 “Ten Million Dollar Export Tower“ Award

Management Policy

Change (setting the direction and accelerating)

A year of change for the future

Corporate Principles

We exist to provide a system that our clients can use in a less restrained environment.

Management Philosophy

  • Honesty

    Business management with the right fundamentals

    Fair principles and compliance

  • Passion

    Creative ideas

    Proactive competence

    Passionate enthusiasm

  • Sharing

    Sharing of resources
    and benefits


  • Companionship

    Sincere customer service

    Strict standards

    Customer satisfaction

  • Value

    Priority on customer’s value

    Creation of unique value

    Unafraid of changes and initiatives

Business Area

With our expertise in IT security solutions, we meet customers’ needs in specialized areas from the development and supply of various IT-compliant solutions to system build and operation. To this end, we continue to expand our business in four key areas: Compliance, Availability, Protect, and Security (CAPS). Our goal is to expand the sales of our products so that they account for more than 70% of our total revenue. We hope to provide customers in Korea with a competitive alternative to foreign products and accelerate our expansion into overseas markets.

  • Information Protection Solutions Division
    • Server Security Solution
      • Omni-IM
      • Omniguard(UPV/UAC/UCC/USAM)
      • Omnigate
    • Vulnerability Management
      • Omni-VM
      • SecuMS
      • Security Vulnerability Consulting
    • Static Analysis(SAST)
      • Synopsys Coverity
    • Protocol Fuzzing Test
      • Synopsys Defensics
    • Application Security Test(IAST)
      • Synopsys Seeker
  • Blockchain/AI R&D Division
    • Research on Copyright and Content Distribution Technology
    • Research on Blockchain Technology
    • Research on Machine Learning Technology
    • Research on Smart Grid Security Technology
    • Research on Open Source SW Technology
    • Research on Network Security Technology
  • IT Convergence Business Division
    • It Convergence Projects
      • Control System for Industries & Drone Development
      • Robotics
    • Information Protection and Public SI Projects
    • Point Transaction Solution
  • Open Source Governance Business Division
    • Open Source Compliance Solution
      • Synopsys BlackDuck
      • FOSSEra with BlackDuck
    • Open Source Total Governance Consulting
      • Open Source License and Security Vulnerability Assessment
      • Open Source Total Governance Consulting
    • Digital Content Copyright Evaluation Platform
      • EYES Protocol
    • A platform that trades all digital art rights
      • TAMTAM NFT Market Place