About LSware

We will be a leader in the field of information protection based on our abundant technology and customer's trust.

CEO's Message

Greetings, everyone.
I’m Kim Minsoo, the CEO of LSware Inc.

Greetings, everyone. I’m Kim Minsoo, the CEO of LSware Inc.

Our corporate philosophy is simple: “We exist to provide a system that our clients can use in a less restrained environment.” Everyone at LSware diligently practices the company’s management philosophy (honesty, passion, sharing, companionship, and value) and believes in the power of continuous mutual growth of our customers and employees. All of our staff are committed to becoming a reliable system solutions partner for our customers, providing products and services through consistent R&D and technical support.

We turned a foreign server security solution called Omniguard into a domestic solution by purchasing its source technology in 2009, allowing our customers to protect their systems in a more flexible manner. We will continue to design products with technology that meets the needs and demands of our customers and accelerate our growth to become one of the 50 most influential system software companies in the world.

We promise to learn from the past and challenge ourselves with undying efforts so that we can become a truly future-forward, innovation-oriented company with a united spirit.

We ask that you continue to motivate and encourage us as we challenge ourselves to become better and practice our management philosophy to the best of our ability. We wish only the best to all of you and your families.

Thank you.